I am Sorry

If you voted for Shafiq, I’m sorry your candidate lost, you have every right to express grief about it. I ’m sorry those people celebrating victory in Tahrir don’t seem educated and don’t look “decent” enough for your liking. I’m sorry that while you and I were getting a proper education and going shopping, they were dying of sickness, unable to provide for their kids, having to send their 7-year olds to work to help provide food and clothes. I’m sorry that as a result, this has taken a toll on their looks and you now have to suffer looking at an unpleasant sight. I’m sorry that I lived in a bubble most my life, ignored those people and didn’t reach out to them like I should. Meanwhile, a banned religious political group provided them with help, money, clothes, blankets…. I’m sorry they now prefer that group to me or you or Shafiq who disregarded their needs all our lives.

I’m sorry you now believe it’s “their country” not yours. I’m sorry they felt like it was “our country” not theirs for the past 30 years. I’m sorry you identify yourself as a “liberal” but curse everyone who doesn’t share the same beliefs as you. I’m sorry you don’t know that the main principle of liberalism is individual freedom, which means allowing everyone to choose who to vote or not vote for, what to wear, what to believe, and not curse them for believing in something that’s different from what you believe in. I’m sorry you want to pack your bags and leave. I’m sorry your patriotism was so strong before the elections when you spoke about defending a civil Egypt, but now you believe that won’t be the case, and your “patriotism” has suddenly vanished and you don’t want to stay and fight for that civil Egypt. I’m sorry you don’t think your vision for Egypt is worth fighting for. Small reminder: That group you despise so strongly has been fighting to implement its vision for over 80 years. I’m sorry you’re not willing to put up that same fight. I’m sorry you expect women’s roles to be diminished. I’m sorry you haven’t met the great, strong, inspiring Egyptian women that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. I know that these women will never be silenced. I’m sorry you expected to sit back and let someone steal your rights from you, but I know they’ll fight on your behalf and make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m sorry you think “they’ll turn Egypt into Pakistan or Afghanistan” and you believe you don’t have a say in what direction your country is heading. I’m sorry 30 years of oppression has taught you that it’s only those in charge who have a say. I’m sorry the past year and a half have taught you nothing about the power of the people.

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8 comments on “I am Sorry

  1. nihal nashed says:

    And I’m sorry that this is how you view others “those who voted shafik” as inconsiderate and low as they can be who care nothing about others! And wld like to remind you that around 11MILL voted shafik and not all of them are among the prieveleged your mentioning in ur article!
    Its SAD that’s how u think, I wld think ur educated and knw better
    However I hope that the current president will be able to make us ALL feel at home!
    I’m sorry, but this article is quite shameful

  2. nihal nashed says:

    And more over never speculate that those voted shafik love this country any less than you do! Mistake
    Again I’m sorry but this is a shameful article

  3. kandily says:

    Thank you for commenting, but let us be realistic the 11MILL you are taking about did not vote for shafik cause they are convinced they voted for him, cause they did not want ikhwan or cause they are islamo-phobic and here in my post am addressing the people who voted for shafik in the first round.
    and after all its my own point of view, and am not asking you to agree with it 🙂
    Thank you

  4. Salma Kandil says:

    Nihal, I’m sure you didn’t get the same message I got when you read this article.. or else your reply wouldn’t be that aggressive. I voided my vote because I’m against both of them (Shafik and Morsi) so I’m not taking sides here. And here is the link for the writer, maybe she has a different view (https://www.facebook.com/deena.adel/posts/10151058259038245) Anyway, thank you.

  5. NB says:

    You are either with the people or against. When the nasr city shafik rally hold posters saying “the enemy is egyptian ‘dogs’ not israelis” we have a racist, classist, selfish, self-hating, retardation problem on our hands. The same defeatist fear and low mental capacity as the sad icon Sadat. Just expert consumers. Sorry, rich or poor, shafik supporters are the true burden to egypt’s future. They so far have no ideas, inspiration or solutions to provide the country regarding economy, poverty, culture,…….nothing,….so far.

  6. zein says:

    im sorry this is how you feel anout around 20 ercent of ur population, i forone voted for moussa the first round and shafiq the second becuz as i went to tahrir every single day last year to obtain my civil country it wasmy duty and i must say im apauled by ur shalownessand by the right u give urself to adress ppl u dont know this way, how could u say that they dont care abt thier country ? do u know that me and all myfirm who have voted for shafiq have been working in social develoment for 20 years and helped over millions of egyptians live and earn ?? i dont think u or anyone is in any position to judge 11 million ppl. have u gone to each of them and seen that they live in villas and drive bmws?? i dont think so, also those who u call ”burden” for calling islamists dogs are not so different from thos who called me and my mother ”kafra” last week in west el balad ! i am not proud to have voted for shafiq because he is allied to the scaf but u should also consider the fact that morsy is too, and just so u know many tv shows have interviewed members of morsy’s party about the matters of egytian culture and freedom and i am sure u wldnt be pleased with their decisions to erase scenes from classic movies and novels . so as much as im against shafiq i am also against morsy , and dont accuse us falsly of not fighting for our civil country because that only shows how unaware u are of what hapens in ur country . were u even aware of the meeting that took place last night at khalifa el maamoun if u even know what that monument is ?? or do u know abt next fridays march ?? and last of all have u even been to the manassa last time or did u just randomly spot out a few signs on tv ?? because i went and there was alot more than a bunch of rich careless ppl as u call them. oh and ls dont generalise ur guilt abt not feeling for others all this time, some ppl were actually raised to care and sherish their country….

    • kandily says:

      i did not defend morsy nor ikhwan in any part, and this is not addressed to you, this is addressed to the people who still believe that Shafik is the best, and all the revolutionaries do take Tramadol and wtv and that the revolutionaries do not care about the country, and also to the people who kept insulting “El sha3b el wese5” who voted for morsy

      Have a nice day 🙂

  7. zein says:

    well then dont use general terms such as those who voted for shafiq cuz then ud be adressing 12 million ppl

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