“Goodbye Egypt”? Did you live in Egypt?

You were played and sold out by your own leader for his interest. If you think about it closely away from conspiracies and planned scenarios the last 30 years of our UNCOUNTABLE social, political and revolution problems up till the elections is all because of old regime slaves.

I cant look anywhere but find how people are repeating “goodbye Egypt”. Goodbye Egypt? did you live in Egypt? were you actually calling what we had a country? Did you even benefit from this country aside from private schools and college, and maybe after, a reserved Job. What good reason would you have to say goodbye Egypt??

Do you even know Egypt?? A nile in the middle 3 coasts and beaches(Mediterranean and both Red Sea coasts if not three), Sinai , and On the left there is oil right there is oil and in the middle we got unlucky? , one of the largest gold mines(Sukari), Suez Canal, Gas, history, Ancient and modern Cultures of ALL kind , Religion where islam was a source of knowledge and changed to political agendas , christians where greece and many others used to take their knowledge from Egypt and for the same purposes isolated themselves from our religious political agendas AND all that and what we won broken record statistics in uncountable problems?

So what will you personally miss with all that? What did you benefit from it and not buy it?? What could you possibly miss as a country not world wide entertainment and hobbies that you could easily do if you lived in islambor itself ?? What will you really miss about the old regime?? Did you miss watching 60 million slaves?? Im sorry but i don’t think you miss the “country” as it should be i’m guessing you’ll miss something else…

Tarek Kandil


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